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Learning in the Sixth Form

The way that girls learn in the Sixth Form differs considerably from the younger years of their education; the focus on fewer subjects, the need for in-depth independent study and discussion based tutorial sessions all allow students to explore subjects from different angles and gain new insights and understanding.

Students at Guildford High School take A Levels  as we believe that these proven qualifications are well respected by higher education institutions and offer the best foundation for continued learning.  Girls typically opt to study three or four A Levels.  Additional GCSEs and AS Levels are also offered in some subjects. 

There is a sense of freedom and excitement about life at Guildford High School Sixth Form which applies as much to the way the girls learn as to the extra curricular opportunities on offer.  We provide a rich programme which enhances academic learning, broadens thinking skills and stretches the girls intellectually. Combined with the academic rigour of the A Level courses, this creates the increased breadth and depth of knowledge which universities are seeking.  In addition, an enjoyable and informative General Studies programme is run in conjunction with the Royal Grammar School.  Subjects range from discussion based current affairs groups to practical courses such as cookery or life drawing, giving girls the chance to acquire interesting new skills.

While greater independence in an undoubted feature of Sixth Form life, the girls are by no means expected to go it alone.  Sixth Formers belong to a tutor group of between 10 to 12 girls and their tutor plays an important role as adviser and supporter.  The tutorial programme helps girls get the most out of their time by addressing ways to approach study, to successfully master self-directed work and to balance academic commitments with extra curricular activities.

For more information on specific subjects, click on the link below to view our A Level Options Booklet. Please note that changes will be introduced for the 2019-2021 A Level programme. 


A Level Options Booklet 2019-21


A Level Summary

 % A Level Grades  20182017  2016 2015   2014    2013    2012   2011  
 A* Grades  44.3% 47.3%  34.3%  41.5%  40.2%   44%  35%   49.4%
 A*-A Grades  83.5% 85.8%   84.3%  89.8%   85.9%  88.1%  82%   87.3%
 A*-C Grades  100% 100%  100%  100%  100%  99.8%   100%  99.6%


Further details about exam results can be found on the Academic Performance page.