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Pastoral Care

Girls will only achieve their best when they are happy.  We are fully committed to the personal and social development of the girls in our care.  All staff members recognise their pastoral responsibilities within school and the network of form tutors, Heads of Year and the Deputy Head Pastoral, work together to focus on pastoral care.  We provide an environment in which girls can grow in confidence and self-esteem and in which they know there is always someone on hand to listen to any concerns. 

A structured Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship (PSHE) programme addresses the issues which girls and young women face as they grow up in today’s world.  We teach the value of integrity and, from internet safety and friendships to health, self-image and responsibility, we aim to equip girls with practical skills and valuable information. 

As part of United Learning, the school was founded on the principles of respect, service and compassion and this strong moral underpinning can be felt throughout school today.  Girls are encouraged to be thoughtful and considerate to one another and school assemblies explore important themes such as patience, charity and the world around us in imaginative, inspiring and relevant ways.

For day to day welfare a fully trained nurse is always on site, the school doctor is available weekly for girls to consult regarding medical matters and the school counsellor is available one afternoon per week.