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Senior School Curriculum

The pace of life and learning at Guildford High School is fast and the girls thrive in this buzzy environment which offers a contemporary curriculum founded on academic rigour.  The curriculum is broad, rich and exciting; lessons are well-paced, challenging and fun.  Teachers are passionate about their subjects and encourage intellectual curiosity while providing the resources and support that each girl needs to fulfil her academic potential.

From Year 7, all girls study two modern foreign languages (from a choice of French, German and Spanish) and Latin.  We teach separate Sciences and the girls can take Design and Technology, Textiles and Food and Nutrition.  In addition to the curriculum of English (including Drama), Mathematics, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Computer Science and PE, the girls also have a carousel of subjects which includes Psychology and Philosophy, plus a weekly Current Affairs lesson.  From the outset, girls are taught to think for themselves, to analyse and question and we instill a genuine love for learning.

An emphasis on practical learning and an exciting calendar of trips and workshops encourages girls to investigate in and out of the classroom, exploring topics from new angles and putting theories to the test.  An innovative curriculum enrichment programme introduces new experiences such as the Enrichment Weeks for Years 7-9 in the Trinity Term.   

As the girls start making options choices, first for their GCSEs and then for A Levels, we offer extensive advice and guidance so that girls make well-informed choices about their future academic paths.  Girls will study nine, ten or eleven GCSEs and will then go on to take four AS subjects in the Lower Sixth; girls take three or four A Levels in the Upper Sixth.

A Level Results Year-on-Year

 A Level Results Breakdown 2018

GCSE Results Year-on-Year

GCSE Results Breakdown 2018