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Extra Curricular

The diverse extra curricular clubs and activities offered at Guildford High Junior School add to the rich range experiences for girls.  When they first join us in Reception, extra curricular clubs are kept to a minimum as unstructured play time is important at this age.  However, a limited number of clubs are available including French Club and Ballet (from Trinity Term). Gardening activities also take place in the Reception Garden and the girls enjoy the outdoor classroom each week in our Creative Play curriculum. 

As the girls get older, the chances for fun, enrichment and to acquire new skills increase.  Over 80 clubs meet each week; these range across a wide variety of Sporting, Musical and Drama activities. Additional activity areas include Chess, Maths, IT, MFL and Yoga Clubs.     

Frequent trips, visits and workshops add another dimension to the extra curricular programme, enhancing teaching and encouraging personal development.  The first thrilling residential visit takes place in Year 2, while Year 6 girls look forward to a highly-anticipated trip to France at the end of their time in Junior School.  Through these experiences, the girls develop the adaptability to confidently face and respond to new challenges.