Year 5 Production

What a night! We had lots of fun creating the picture of a rather over-dramatic Alpine village, delving deep into the drama of the dramatic Dragon Days and giving the audience a performance they would never forget. The authors of the production – Sue & Paul Langwade – were in the audience and, as the overture started and we ‘stumbled’ onto the stage entering the world of Stumbledorf, we were excited and a little bit nervous. The characters ranged from a Ninja to an Old Man, villagers galore with their different occupations, Gilda the Goatherd to Gawaine the Dragon, and of course Tommy the ‘saviour’ of Stumbledorf. There were some rather exotic costumes, not least the fabulous fat-suit for Old Ma and her amazing whacky, purple wig! With songs full of choreographed dance moves, performers’ faces full of expression and a crazy script, it certainly was a performance we will remember for a very long time.
Class 5J