'Who's Your Mummy?'

We really loved rehearsing and performing ‘Who’s Your Mummy’ because it’s a really funky play. We had to use lots of expression and it made the play really funny. Along with being a funny script, we also felt we learnt lots about Ancient Egyptian history. We really, really liked this play because it switched from modern times to ancient times and sometimes it was a bit weird! Sometimes the conversation on stage got a bit complicated. At one point there were two conversations going on at the same time and the script kept switching between the two and the actors were almost interrupting with half-finished sentences. That was very clever! Some of the scenes were a little bit strange – you don’t see someone being mummified every day! 

There were lots of funny jokes which made us laugh – they made the audience laugh even more! Some of the teachers were really laughing their heads off in the Dress Rehearsal and the parents laughed even more when they saw the play! 

The Police loved taking selfies. PC Downton spent the play promoting Starbucks but he managed to fall asleep during PC Assissi’s grand speech. PC Assissi kept on saying the same lines over and over and… he started to get very annoying! PC Upton hated Chelsea FC so he really didn’t want to go to the registry office in Chelsea. But he did like telling stories! Baruti was obsessed with camels! Mukkaramma was incredibly evil. Why would she want to poison her own son? Thankfully that doesn’t happen nowadays. Imhotep was very funny because he did a spell with his eyes closed and was chanting what sounded like complete nonsense. Jack was a rather annoying school boy who seemed to like telling the same joke. All the characters were fabulous and we loved getting into our roles. 

This whole play was very enjoyable because it was a great opportunity to get on stage in front of an audience. The costumes and props were really cool and the songs were funny and catchy. Even some of Reception started to join in singing when they watched the Dress Rehearsal. The dances for some of the songs were crazy – especially ‘On the Run’ – but lots of fun. 

Before the play started we felt really nervous but once we were on the stage we felt fine. We were sad when the play ended – we wanted to do it all over again. We all know the whole script from memory! In fact the play was amazing – there was so much in it for everyone and we didn’t know that the writers had written it for Year 6 and we’re only Year 4! Overall the play was magnificent – we all acted and sang really well and we all really enjoyed taking part. Some of the audience thought we’d all been to stage school – we must have performed well. We had a lot of fun! 

Class 4C