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Travel for Away Fixtures

When travelling to and from away fixtures, the following modes of transport may be used: a coach hired by the school or a school minibus, driven by a member of staff.  In exceptional circumstances, a member of staff’s car or another parent’s car may be used, but parents will be asked to give their consent when this is necessary. 

Sixth Formers may drive themselves but only take passengers when written permission has been given by the driver’s and passengers’ parents.

 Regular Opponents and Venues | PDF 138kb

General Procedures

Details of match venues and timings will be posted on the PE Notice Board and website in advance and the same information will be submitted to the School Office prior to departure.  Girls will be expected to inform their parents of all the travel arrangements pertaining to their fixture.

It is sensible for girls taking part in sporting fixtures to be in possession of a mobile telephone, so they can alert parents of any last minute changes, travel delays etc.  A mobile phone will be carried by the PE Staff and the School Office will be able to contact this phone until closing at 6.00pm.

  • Girls must write OW by their name on the team sheet if they are not returning to school by organised transport. 
  • A phone call must be made to the school and a message left on the answer phone if necessary, if collection takes place from an away venue without OW having previously been written. 
  • Girls who are being collected from an away venue must be collected promptly; otherwise they will have to return to school with the rest of the team.
  • On return to school, it is expected that girls will be collected on time.  If collection is delayed girls will be sent to wait at the Sports Centre which stays open until 9.00pm. If a girl has still not been collected by that time, she will not be left on her own; however,   repeated tardiness on a parent’s part may affect a player’s future selection.
  • Girls should not walk home, or to the station in hours of darkness, unless specific parental consent has been given.


Inevitably, cancellations do occur and sometimes they can happen as late as 4:00pm on a weekday.  On match days, therefore, it is important for girls to have a reliable contact number and an alternative going home arrangement in case of such event.  For weekend fixtures, each captain will be expected to organise a cancellation rota for her team, which must be posted on the PE Notice Board by 2:30pm on Friday afternoon.  In the event of cancellation, the PE Staff will phone the captain to start the rota; it is then the responsibility of all the players to know the next number they have to ring.  Whenever possible, the Clarion Call system will be used but out of normal school hours this cannot be guaranteed.