The Zany Zoo!

The Junior School Hall was transformed into Zack's Zoo; a zoo filled with animals that simply wouldn’t conform to expected behaviours and would not be able to pass the Standard Animal Tests, therefore, leaving Zack no choice but to close the zoo. How could he open the zoo when it was home to chimpanzees obsessed with cleaning, tigers pining for the bright lights of the West End, a vegetarian alligator, a fish unable to swim and a pizza-making llama?! Luckily, all's well that ends well and Zack was able to appreciate his animals for who they were, re-opening the zoo with its new name; The Zany Zoo. The Year 5 girls were simply amazing! Their hard work allowed them to portray their characters brilliantly, sing beautifully and wow us with their dancing. Well done, girls, another fantastic production! 

Mrs Sarah Martyn-Fisher