Sports Day 2018

With summer underway, we concluded the academic year with both our Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior School Sports Days. Full of funny faces and costumes, our Sixth Form embraced their rolls of Head of House, creating comical costumes and t-shirts for all girls and staff members to wear. Dobbing themselves as food items, we saw appearances of giant grapes, giant eggs and even a cow! The girls got their game face on in the finale of tug-of-war, where Opal house blew the opposition away with their tremendous skills and strength. All in all, the students enjoyed a bright day full of cheering and laughter. We are looking forward to having them all back in September for a fresh start!

We want to congratulate all the girls for their contribution to the school over this past year. We also wish farewell to our Upper Sixth leaving, and we hope everyone enjoys their summer holiday!