Helping children in Cambodia

Last Summer, we took 15 girls for a once in a lifetime, 3 week expedition to Cambodia. Beside taking in the cultural sights and enjoying a trek in the jungle, the girls had the opportunity to live and work in a small, unspoilt Cambodian fishing village on the tiny Koh Por island. This was such a fantastic and enriching opportunity for the girls, they worked in the local school, slept in the monastery, and helped the locals to tidy up the rubbish which has washed up onto the shores of their idyllic island.  Since the girls had scrimped and saved throughout the course of the trip, they were able to use their funds in whichever way they please, and instead of heading out to the night markets, or splashing out on fancy meals, they decided to donate a large sum of the remaining funds to the people of the island.  8 months later, whilst travelling around Thailand, I decided to hop over the border in to Cambodia and see the island once again. It was overwhelming to see how much good their money has done, the island now has rain water irrigation all over the island, meaning the locals have access to safe drinking water all year round; this had not previously been the case through the dry season. As well as this, the monastery was given enough rice and grain to sustain the entire village throughout the dry season. It is wonderful to see what an act of kindness like this can achieve, and how it can alter peoples lives! Well done to all the girls involved!

Rod Laughton