Classics evening

On Wednesday 9 January, Professor Patrick Finglass joined us to celebrate our second Classics Evening. Patrick took his undergraduate and doctoral degrees at the University of Oxford from where he went on to hold important roles at the University of Nottingham. He is now the Henry Overton Wills Chair of Greek at the University of Bristol and Head of the Department of Classics and Ancient History where, to date, he has taught two GHS students. Patrick is a pre-eminent scholar and a captivating and entertaining public speaker. He introduced us to the Greek lyric poet Stesichorus, who lived in Sicily in the first half of the sixth century BC. Although only fragments of Stesichorus’ work have survived, Patrick explained that recent discoveries are adding to our understanding of his artistry. In his account of Heracles confronting and killing the three-headed monster Geryon, it seems likely that Stesichorus was putting his own spin on an existing mythological framework and interacting with the works of Homer.  


After Patrick’s fascinating talk, we heard from four of our Old Girls. Having graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Ancient History, Katie Shaw is now undertaking a Master’s in Management. Genie Morris graduated last summer from Cambridge University with a degree in Classics and is now doing a Law conversion course. Sophia Chatakondu is in her second year at Exeter University studying Classics and English. Sophia Slater is in her first year at Cambridge University studying Classics. It was a delight to see how they have progressed since leaving GHS and they spoke with striking confidence and humour, conveying beautifully their love of Classics and the ancient world.


Mr Andrew James